What is Reflexology ?

Reflexology is an ancient art that comes from a number of different civilisations such as Egypt, India and China.  

A reflexology treatment involves pressure being applied to reflex points of the feet, hands or ears, which correspond to all the glands, organs and parts of the body.  

It increases circulation in the body and speeds up the elimination of toxins in the days after the treatment. 

It also helps to release blockages, to allow energy to flow effectively and to bring the body into a state of homeostasis.

Benefits of Reflexology

Eases Stress

Stress is thought to be a major factor in 80% of illness and a contributing factor in the other 20%. Reflexology is a fantastic stress buster, bringing your mind and body into a state of deep relaxation.

Increases Blood Circulation

Effectively, the most well know benefit of Reflexology is an improvement in blood circulation throughout the body, which means that blood along with oxygen, gets cycled and delivered through the body more efficiently.

Pain Relief

A human foot is home to about 7,000 nerve endings that all correspond to specific areas of the body, including organs and the spine. By targeting those nerve endings, reflexologists can improve blood, lymph and nerve flow to specific parts of the body.

Encourages Healing

Encourages healing throughout the body by showing your body what it should be doing and prompting change in parts of the body that have become dormant/dysfunctional.


Eliminates Body's Toxins

By improving blood circulation, Reflexology improves bladder function and that helps reduce the possibility of urinary tract issues. This results in a more efficient system of eliminating toxins, thereby protecting your body from various diseases and health conditions.

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Boosting Metabolism & Energy Levels

A Reflexology session can improve the functionality of many organs in your body which would result in higher metabolism which in return helps with creating more energy in your body.


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